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Through the Lens of Intersectionality

Open Letter

The term Intersectionality resonates within the present in the United States and worldwide, and sees connections between multiple sources of oppression. We wanted to go back on the meaning of a word that is synonymous today of convergence of struggles.

Taking a Stand

Open Letter

Are you ok? Cause here we’re struggling. We’re heartbroken. We’re angry. We believe in EQUALITY, in every form, and we will always take a stand for it.

What would be the solutions for a more sustainable and healthy food system? We asked Maddie Gordon who returned to meat after 3 years of a plant-based diet.

Let’s Talk About Meat.

Open Letter

Surfer and filmmaker, Cyrus Sutton sees the Coronavirus Crisis as a symptom of a deeper problem in our society and a great wake-up call. “Deep down we all know we don’t need much to be happy.”

Wake-up Call

Open Letter

Read Leah Dawson’s first written letter sent to her father and find grace through chaos.

Leah Dawson: Grace through chaos

Open Letter