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Long Live the Queen Classic

Open Letter

The Queen Classic Surf Festival represents an alternative to surf festivals and opens the realm of possibilities.

The Misunderstood Disease by Elise Trigger

Open Letter

Elise Trigger grew up in Australia’s ultimate beach town. Elise is this generous and playful girl who’s always called Byron Bay her home. A girl who loves surfing The Pass and who spends most of her time in the water. So far, so good. Nothing new, right?

“When we were competing, there was an emphasis on being marketable” claims former professional surfer Grace Styman-Lane in the documentary entitled Just Go Fucking Surfing, described as an ethnographic documentary.

Just Go Fucking Surfing

Open Letter

The term Intersectionality resonates within the present in the United States and worldwide, and sees connections between multiple sources of oppression. We wanted to go back on the meaning of a word that is synonymous today of convergence of struggles.

Through the Lens of Intersectionality

Open Letter

Are you ok? Cause here we’re struggling. We’re heartbroken. We’re angry. We believe in EQUALITY, in every form, and we will always take a stand for it.

Taking a Stand

Open Letter