This is Warm

Open Letter

Hey you. 

We’re happy you found us. 

In an age where there is so much going on, there’s never been a more urgent time to give a shit—about the planet, yourself, your dreams, and your fellow people.

In 2020, most of us find ourselves in a state of both panic and hope.

We’ve spent our entire lives consuming and living in the ways we were taught and raised, without second guessing any of it.

We now know we need to find a balance between our passions and beliefs, because neither of these should be compromised.

It’s time to take a look at the way we’re living and ask ourselves if we’re doing the best we can.

Today—January 22, 2020—we are launching Warm Collective.

Rooted in our innate love for the ocean, surf and the culture that surrounds them, Warm is here to renew your soul in ways only saltwater can. We are sharing inspiring stories of women that followed their guts, providing tips to adjust the ways in which we live and consume, profiling eco-friendly brands worth knowing about, showcasing notable artists, writers and photographers, and giving you a voice.

Warm Collective promises to look ahead with joy and optimism.

Warm Collective is here to inspire you. This is a creative platform focusing on the world of tomorrow, a haven designed to enlighten the way you experience the world and the impact you’ll leave on it. 

Warm is a place for you

So jump in with us, get your hair wet, and when you dry off we hope you walk away feeling more inspired, empowered, creative, ambitious, and motivated than ever before.

 You know what they say when there’s a group of people doing things a bit differently. “There’s something in the water.” Damn right there is. And the water’s Warm. Dive in. 

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