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A Childish Sense of Wonder

with Lauryn Alvarez Interview & words: Elisa Routa “There’re so many times that I accidentally opened the back of my camera before rolling it back in. I get these light leaks and distortions of the photo, and I love that,” says California photographer Lauryn Alvarez. “When some people see that as a mistake, I feel […]

A lot to be proud of

Interview & words: Elisa Routa Having grown up in Miami, Reyna Noriega has lived in Florida her whole life. In March 2020, she should have moved to Europe, she had her flight to Paris on the 16th. That was supposed to be her first time in Europe, an overseas opportunity to live outside of the […]

Dear Woman: You’re Enough

All eyes on you

Interview & words: Elisa Routa The great outdoors. This is where the French multidisciplinary artist’s work always kicks off. Through performance, drawing, painting and sculpture, Virginie Hucher allows nature to directly interact with her work. “I need my body to be smaller than my creation, I need it to be tiny compared to the work […]

In a fast-paced world characterized by the motto “Ignorance is bliss,” it becomes increasingly challenging to find people who challenge the status quo. We think it’s about time we do away with this antiquated motto for good, and Elana agrees.

Where Passion Meets Purpose

All eyes on you

Following the ravaging Australian fires, Jamie Wdziekonski documented the Climate strikes organized across the country. We discussed photography as a way to document the truth and elevate oppressed voices.

Jamie Wdziekonski Has Magic Powers

All eyes on you

What is the face of the change in surfing today? Textured Waves, the female surf collective fighting for diversity and equality in surfing is definitely one of them.

Textured Waves: Sea Us Now

All eyes on you

Through the Lens of Intersectionality

The term Intersectionality resonates within the present in the United States and worldwide, and sees connections between multiple sources of oppression. We wanted to go back on the meaning of a word that is synonymous today of convergence of struggles.

Open Letter

Are you ok? Cause here we’re struggling. We’re heartbroken. We’re angry. We believe in EQUALITY, in every form, and we will always take a stand for it.

Taking a Stand

Open Letter

What would be the solutions for a more sustainable and healthy food system? We asked Maddie Gordon who returned to meat after 3 years of a plant-based diet.

Illustrator Maddie Gordon grew up going in a nudist camp outside London every summer. Today, she lives on a sailboat in Santa Barbara with her husband Trevor dividing her time between art and cooking.

Maddie Gordon is Pretty Wild

All eyes on you

Award-winning filmmaker Sachi Cunningham has managed to increase the visibility of women in the big wave surfing world, celebrating them as role models.

Sachi Cunningham: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See


Surfer and filmmaker, Cyrus Sutton sees the Coronavirus Crisis as a symptom of a deeper problem in our society and a great wake-up call. “Deep down we all know we don’t need much to be happy.”

Wake-up Call

Open Letter

A couple of years ago, Lex Weinstein made a point of aligning her business with her core values. Despite the challenges she had to face, she never gave up in “making a massive change”

Vitamin A

brands we adore

Boyish jeans is a collection of sustainable women’s denim utilizing ethical and sustainable practices throughout its product development process.



Sustainable swimwear since day one. Learn from Hanalei Reponty, Abysse's founder, one of the first to ever do it eco-friendly.


brands we adore


Timeless, sun-drenched and sea-soaked, the new Vitamin A collection just landed.

Vitamin A's 20th Anniversary Collection combines the best of 20 years of Vitamin A into 20 unique, limited edition designs. 

“For the girl who never stops seeking.”

vision 2020

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Vitamin A