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Highlight & Interview by Lily Day Photos of Emily by: Kimmy Le Each bag is produced using 100% all-natural materials. The fiber originates from sustainably harvested cabuya—a type of cactus native to Central America. The fibers are colored using specially prepared, chemical-free dyes made from handpicked, native plants of Ecuador. Buying a Minga bag directly […]

Brands we Adore

with owner & founder Taylr Anne Interview by Lily Day We choose to feature brands that we adore not because we want to encourage those in our community to consume. In fact, in almost everything that we do we try to encourage people NOT to consume, not to buy materialistic things that they don’t need. […]

Etto Oil

Brands we Adore

Text & Photos: Elisa Routa & Angèle Debuire “The Queen Classic Surf Festival represents an alternative to surf festivals and opens the realm of possibilities.” That was the very first time a surf festival grafted social and gender issues into a surfing competition and live music event. In other words, we just witnessed history.  On […]

with Ines Ambrosio Interview & Text: Elisa Routa Photos:  Ines Ambrosio As a kid, Ines Ambrosio dreamt of being an actress and a dentist. Why feel obligated to choose? The first thing she wanted to learn how to draw was a dolphin. Years later, she became a multidisciplinary visual artist passionate about surfing. That couldn’t […]

Her Caminho

All eyes on you

with Rachel Claire words by Elisa Routa Before talking with documentary photographer Rachel Claire I didn’t know what a dugite’s belly on a pavement sounded like. And to be honest, I had no idea what a dugite was. The wildest animals I’ve encountered were coyotes, antelopes, weasels, and my neighbors’ cats. I swear they can […]

Wild West

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with Taylor Faulkner words by Elisa Routa “I’m a little awkward around people. When I draw though, that’s where I feel most natural and uninhibited by anything.” “I’m a little awkward around people. I love people, I just have a hard time putting words together and I’m a little embarrassed about that.” That’s without a […]

Drawing /ˈmuːvm(ə)nt/

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The Misunderstood Disease by Elise Trigger

Interview: Elisa Routa Photos: Megan Costello, Lia Turiano, Aljaz Babnik, Madi Jeffery Elise Trigger grew up in Australia’s ultimate beach town. Elise is this generous and playful girl who’s always called Byron Bay her home. A girl who loves surfing The Pass and who spends most of her time in the water. So far, so […]

Open Letter

with Rut Sagrera Words by Elisa Routa Images by Ale Sellers, Eva Abeling, Marina Mantolan, Marta Guillén, Rut Sagrera Did you try to grow tomatoes on your balcony during lockdown? Of course, you did. At least, your neighbor did. You saw it on Instagram. Slow living recently became a big trend worldwide, gaining momentum during […]


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with Juul Hesselberth Interview: Elisa Routa Photos: Juul Hesselberth, Samuel Fairbank, Luke Feeney, Chelsea Williams “When we were competing, there was an emphasis on being marketable” claims former professional surfer Grace Styman-Lane in the documentary entitled Just Go Fucking Surfing, described as an ethnographic documentary. In the surfing industry, being gay, being fat, having an […]

with Rachel Flemming interview & words by Elisa Routa On January 26th, 2021, while most Australians celebrate Australia Day as the day Australia was founded, thousands of protestors took to the streets defying Covid restrictions for greater recognition of Australia’s Indigenous history. They called for Australia Day to be replaced by an official day of […]

A Conversation About Land Conservation

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interview & words by Elisa Routa Our legs in wetsuits offend you. Our bodies in bikinis offend you. Our skin offends you. Our curves offend you. Our bones offend you. Our hair offends you. The way we paddle out upsets you. The way we take waves upsets you. Our feet on a board upset you. […]

Big Mama Surf with Agathe Marcé


Born in Austria, Christina Gindl first knew more about the snowy mountains than she did about the ocean.

Yesterday, I caught the biggest wave of my life

A lot to be proud of

A couple of years ago, Lex Weinstein made a point of aligning her business with her core values. Despite the challenges she had to face, she never gave up in “making a massive change”

Vitamin A

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Boyish jeans is a collection of sustainable women’s denim utilizing ethical and sustainable practices throughout its product development process.



Sustainable swimwear since day one. Learn from Hanalei Reponty, Abysse's founder, one of the first to ever do it eco-friendly.


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