Taking a Stand

Open Letter

For unity

Photos: Séréna Lutton / Warm Collective

Are you ok? 

Cause here we’re struggling. We’re heartbroken. We’re angry.  

It’s been an overwhelming period of time, and it’s hard to find the right words. 

We’re facing a harsh reality and trying to cope with what’s happening.

Warm Collective was built with the idea to highlight inspiring people, tell true stories, and promote conscious brands, but as Australian photographer Jamie Wdziekonski recently put it, “There is no environmental justice without social justice”. 

We believe in EQUALITY, in every form, and we will always take a stand for it.

We don’t want to remain silent during pivotal, political, and cultural moments that impact BIPOC communities.

Yes, this fight is painful. It’s scary. But it’s needed.  

Two days ago, we went to the paddle out in Encinitas organized by Textured Waves, Kindhumans , Changing Tides Foundation and Sal Masekela and seeing our surf community show up and fight for the injustice that the black community is facing was more powerful and inspiring than anything we’ve seen in a while.

It gave us HOPE. 

As Sal mentioned in one of his latest post, “historically, the surfing community has not been the most diverse and has been slow at best to accepting the rapidly changing demographics of its landscape. The crowd was not there for show. It was not there for lip service. In these dark and horrific times where we are forced to fight with all we have to eradicate this cancer of racism from the American psyche, we were met by a slice of the surfing community deeply committed to participating in this fight by our sides as true allies. It was beautiful. It gives me hope for what else is possible.” 

The world is changing and we will fight for that change.  

Let’s continue to stand for this thing that we call UNITY.

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