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“I am a hypochondriac, I like outer space, and I love birds.” Meet model and photographer Marina Alonso.

Marina Alonso: Call Her Magic

Yesterday, I caught the biggest wave of my life

Born in Austria, Christina Gindl first knew more about the snowy mountains than she did about the ocean.

A lot to be proud of

Minga was born to share the stories and hands I was captivated by while on the road. After five years of traveling abroad and working remotely as a graphic designer, I was seeking to create something with a bit more soul and meaning, mixed in with a community and craft.


Brands we Adore

We love Etto for a myriad of reasons. First, the brand hits so many of the eco-friendly marks that businesses should, like small-batch biodegradable products, locally and sustainably sourced materials and production, and transparency.

Long Live the Queen Classic

The Queen Classic Surf Festival represents an alternative to surf festivals and opens the realm of possibilities.

Open Letter

As a kid, Ines Ambrosio dreamt of being an actress and a dentist. Why feel obligated to choose? The first thing she wanted to learn how to draw was a dolphin. Years later, she became a multidisciplinary visual artist passionate about surfing. That couldn’t make more sense. 

Her Caminho

All eyes on you

Before talking with documentary photographer Rachel Claire I didn’t know what a dugite’s belly on a pavement sounded like. And to be honest, I had no idea what a dugite was. The wildest animals I’ve encountered were coyotes, antelopes, weasels, and my neighbors’ cats.

Drawing /ˈmuːvm(ə)nt/

The South Carolina-based visual artist and surfer has a special long-term relationship with drawing, and more generally with art. In the arts, Taylor found a new way of approaching surfing, and vice versa.

All eyes on you

Elise Trigger grew up in Australia’s ultimate beach town. Elise is this generous and playful girl who’s always called Byron Bay her home. A girl who loves surfing The Pass and who spends most of her time in the water. So far, so good. Nothing new, right?

The Misunderstood Disease by Elise Trigger

Open Letter

Did you try to grow tomatoes on your balcony during lockdown? Of course, you did. At least, your neighbor did. You saw it on Instagram. Slow living recently became a big trend worldwide, gaining momentum during the Covid crisis in the same way as your grandma became popular overnight on Tiktok.

Just Go Fucking Surfing

“When we were competing, there was an emphasis on being marketable” claims former professional surfer Grace Styman-Lane in the documentary entitled Just Go Fucking Surfing, described as an ethnographic documentary.

Open Letter

On January 26th, 2021, while most Australians celebrate Australia Day as the day Australia was founded, thousands of protestors took to the streets defying Covid restrictions for greater recognition of Australia’s Indigenous history.

A Conversation About Land Conservation

All eyes on you

Agathe Marcé, 31, belongs to the last generation of people born in the coastal town of Biarritz. “I received surfing as a legacy from my father, he gave me the bug,” she says. “I love to be in the water, I go check the ocean every morning, but I also love surfing for its images, the magazines, the posters, and its related objects.