It all started somewhere, between a feeling of fear, an obsession and a passion. From day 1, things have not been easy. Some fell down, others lost their spark, but each of them made a choice, worked hard, following their heart and intuition. It’s not about success here, it’s about decision and patience. Female entrepreneurs, “girlboss” or inspiring women… Whatever the name you might give them, every woman we met has been stubborn about her goals. “A lot to be proud of “ reminds us that our heart only knows what we truly want to become.

Sachi Cunningham: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

A lot to be proud of

Award-winning filmmaker Sachi Cunningham has managed to increase the visibility of women in the big wave surfing world, celebrating them as role models.

Liz Clark: Self-isolation on a 40-foot sailboat

A lot to be proud of

Surfer, environmentalist and sailor Liz Clark spent months at sea, experiencing first hand self-isolation in a limited space. We wanted to learn about the importance of living in the moment and the surprising benefits of boredom.

Lindsey Sara and Rebecca Amber, Nordic Retreat co-founders and twins, see their project as an outlet to share, collaborate and connect with women.

Collaboration Over Competition

A lot to be proud of