Through intimate profiles, this section presents established and emerging artists, activists, environmentalists, surfers, creators and creative minds. 

Our space is to showcase real life experiences, to share advice and stories from the females who are making it and dominating in their fields. Here is a place for them to open up unapologetically. As part of our passion lies in paving the way for the next generation of women, we strive to be mentors to push you to pursue your dreams, as we are pursuing ours.  

All eyes on you is our special place of appreciation. Here we feature those who inspire us, with Q&A’s, stories, and more. This is our female portrait series.

Jamie Wdziekonski Has Magic Powers

All eyes on you

Following the ravaging Australian fires, Jamie Wdziekonski documented the Climate strikes organized across the country. We discussed photography as a way to document the truth and elevate oppressed voices.

Textured Waves: Sea Us Now

All eyes on you

What is the face of the change in surfing today? Textured Waves, the female surf collective fighting for diversity and equality in surfing is definitely one of them.

Illustrator Maddie Gordon grew up going in a nudist camp outside London every summer. Today, she lives on a sailboat in Santa Barbara with her husband Trevor dividing her time between art and cooking.

Maddie Gordon is Pretty Wild

All eyes on you

4 states, 1355 miles in a 94 stretch limo heading west and a shit load of memories made this trip one to remember. Watch This Way, by Patti.

This Way

All eyes on you

We had a chat with Patti founders, Elley Norman and her husband Scott Wynn, in order to discuss creativity, diversity and inclusion within an industry which has long endured the torment of stereotypes and expectations.


All eyes on you