This is an ode to courage, a tribute to the badass stories, to those who took the risk to not loose the chance, going with your gut, and not holding anything back. When conditions are bad, when people are telling you not to, when there’s a big risk involved and no guarantee, do it anyway. These are the badasses who took chances. From surfing a massive wave to quitting a job or sending a risky text, being bold comes in many forms and we’re embracing them all. 

Are you hesitant? Do it anyway.

Body Confidence as a Choice

And I did it Anyway

“My biggest goal for Code B is to make women feel good about their bodies.” We met model and swimwear brand founder Bree McCann who brings representation for all body types to the center stage.

A Better Feeling Than Winning

And I did it Anyway

After a decade competing on the WSL Women’s World Tour, followed by a knee injury on a 20-feet wave at Jaws and a year off, Australian surfer Laura Enever decided to push herself in big waves.