Why Ethical & Sustainable Brands?

It’s an indisputable fact, we should reduce the amount we consume if we want to protect our planet. Fashion is the second biggest industrial cause of pollution (after oil) in the world. Buying sustainably is still, undoubtedly consuming.

However, we bundled a batch of brands that make quality, long-lasting products with a consciousness for the environment we can back. For example, some brands incorporate, or use, only recycled fabric materials and biodegradable or compostable packaging. Others partner with environmental organizations, both donating a portion of their sales and using their voice to mobilize communities, or use locally sourced, Fair Trade materials and labor.

If you’re going to buy that new jacket, bikini, or pair of shoes that will fit and wear beautifully for years to come- feel good knowing you’re using your dollar to vote for a more conscious and sustainable industry overall.


To determine the brand’s accountability rating, we used Lex Weinstein’s Conscious Collab checklist of 15 major factors including sustainability, ethics and transparency attributes among others.   For every 3 boxes checked, a star is given to the brand, creating the potential to earn a maximum of 5 stars of sustainability.   

Click here to see the checklist in it’s entirety.

“The economy is dictated by trends, and we decide the trends. It is our responsibility to make sustainability a permanent trend that drives those industry standards forward.”— L. Weinstein



Accountability Rating | ★★★

Ethics | Transparency, small batch, zero-waste factories, give backs, eco-friendly fabrics & manufacturing process, female empowerment, non-toxic materials, organic cotton, fair & ethical labor, ethically & sustainably sourced materials

Product Range | Women’s apparel, swim, & accessories

Based In | Bali, Indonesia

Belle The Label is a line carefully crafted with raw and organic materials with “gentle intentions for the earth”. Created by a female business owner, Belle The Label pulls inspiration from vintage surf and swimwear, female form, and timeless minimalism.

Their goal is to create “Farm to Fashion” by making small, circular batches of clothing that will last. They have a zero-waste factory in Bali, use all organic raw materials (like cotton, linen atta grass, and palm leaves) that are sourced and grown locally. Their clothing dyes are non-toxic and wastewater from their factory does not release toxic chemicals back into the environment.

Their zero-waste policy also implements a program where they use fabric scraps to make pillows for a Balinese non-profit

They have a program to train women who are sex workers to become seamstresses to provide a safe and stable employment space.

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Vitamin A

Accountability Rating | ★★★★

Ethics | Made in USA, recycled nylon & cotton, organic cotton, water conservation efforts, environmental sustainability, give backs, tree planting, locally made, traceable & ethical labor, work place sustainability, 100% recycled packaging & shipping materials

Product Range | Women’s swimwear, cover ups, & beach accessories

Based In | California, USA

Vitamin A believes “Sustainability is Sexy”. Designer and founder, Amahlia Stevens, spent three years developing EcoLux, the first premium swim fabric made from recycled nylon fibers.

Vitamin A uses recycled and organic textiles and packaging materials and local, energy-efficient factories. Whenever possible, they work with vertically integrated facilities where everything from dyeing to knitting is done in one location, further reducing their carbon footprint. All of their shipping and packaging materials are recyclable and are made in the USA from 100% post-consumer and recycled materials.

Their prints are created, when possible, with waterless digital technology at factories specially chosen for their innovative approaches to conserving electricity and water. Compared with traditional wet printing, the digital printing process reduces water use (since it requires less wash and rinse cycles) and fabric waste (since they can adjust a print to fit a garment). There are also no screens or colorant baths that need cleaning.

Vitamin A partners with environmental organizations like One Planted Tree, which plants one tree for every dollar donated.

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September The Line

Accountability Rating | ★★

Ethics | Uses sustainable & recycled materials, small batch, traceable & ethical labor, suits are shipped in compostable bags, recycled material for swing tags & biodegradable hygiene liners

Product Range | Women’s swimwear

Based In | Designed in New York, USA. Manufactured in Bali, Indonesia.

September the Line believes in small run production over mass production and values quality over quantity. Their swimsuits are manufactured at an ethical, family owned factory in Bali.   

They design timeless classics using their signature luxury Italian recycled fabric (rescued from going to the landfill) is made from 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from pre and post industrial waste such as ghost fishing nets and carpet fluff. With a UV protection of 50, the fabric is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils then conventional recycled fabric. They line their suits with the same fabric on the inside, giving the suit an enhanced shape retention and durability.

Their postage bags are 100% compostable and made from sustainably-sourced plants, which means they break down easily in your compost or green waste. Their swing tags are made from 100% recycled paper card and PVC and hygiene liners are made from environmentally friendly material and they are biodegradable. 

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Accountability Rating | ★★★

Ethics | Made in USA, uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl), small batch, traceable & ethical labor, female empowerment

Product Range | Women’s swimwear, neoprene swim & activewear

Based In | California, USA

Abysse core ethos is to align fashion with function, “to be with a conscious mind is to live with a conscious heart”. Their swimwear & activewear is made in California from 100% recycled fabric derived from ocean waste (called Econyl) that has been regenerated into premium Nylon.

Abysse wetsuits are exclusively made from Japanese Limestone Based Neoprene, which is an eco-friendly option to traditional, petroleum-based neoprene. Limestone based neoprene has ultra low resistance, superior mold ability and enhanced comfort, high heat retention, is lightweight and durable.

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The Seea

Accountability Rating | ★★★

Ethics | Uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl, Repreve, Yulex), small batch, transparency, female empowerment, traceable & ethical labor, Bluesign approved, locally made lines, biodegradable packaging, recycled paper shipping material

Product Range | Women’s & girl’s swimwear, rash guards, wetsuits, activewear & apparel

Based In | California, USA

The Seea designs eye catching, unique and timeless looking pieces for ocean-loving women and girls. They strive to “connect women to themselves, their community and the planet. Our mission is to inspire women to be their best self. We provide products and stories that instill confidence, growth, and a love of imperfection for every phase of a woman’s journey to self discovery. Surfing is our platform”.

Their wetsuits are made of Yulex and have traceable and ethical manufacturing in Thailand. These are dyed in a Bluesign-certified plant, meaning it follows strict guidelines in terms of water efficiency, waste disposal and the use of non-toxic materials.

Many of their swimwear lines are designed with recycled fabrics (like Econyl and Repreve) that are have UV protection and save waste from ending up in landfill. A few of the fabrics they use are still made with virgin nylon or polyester fibers but they’re working with fabric mills and talking to new fabric suppliers to replace these fabrics.

By using local domestic factories, they ensure quality control and a lower carbon footprint compared to manufacturing overseas.  Their garments are enclosed in biodegradable bags and shipped form their warehouse in recycled paper packaging.

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Accountability Rating | ★★★★

Ethics | Uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl & Repreve), transparency, vegan & cruelty-free, some compostable & recycled packaging, non-toxic dyes, partners with sustainability organizations to reduce waste, ethical & sustainable labor, traceable materials

Product Range | Women’s swimwear & apparel

Based In | New York, USA

Mara Hoffman designs and manufactures swimwear with care to reduce their impact, generate awareness, and asks their customers to join in taking action and holding their company accountable.

Mara Hoffman offers its community educational resources on how to extend the life of a garment and recycle it when it no longer serves or gets damaged.

They use responsibly sourced organic, recycled and regenerated materials whenever possible (Econyl and Repreve). In 2017 alone, their use of the Econyl fabric diverted a total of 10,797 pounds of waste from landfills, including 2,744 pounds of fishing nets. Repreve is a polyester fiber made of 100% recycled plastic, comprised mostly of post-consumer plastic bottles which offsets the use of new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases while conserving water and energy throughout the process.

They partner with multiple organizations that help Mara Hoffman get closer to achieving sustainability goals (like reducing waste that goes into landfills).

For example, Fabscrap is a nonprofit in New York working to help divert textile waste from landfills. The organization picks up fabric scraps directly from Mara Hoffman so that they may be sorted and reused or recycled appropriately. Since 2017, they have sent 3552 pounds of textile waste to Fabscrap.

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Peony Swimwear

Accountability Rating | ★★★

Ethics | Uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl), ethically made, compostable & biodegradable packaging, fair labor factory, independent family owned-and-run

Product Range | Women’s swimwear

Based In | Australia

Peony Swimwear is an independent, family-run business that creates classic, feminine swimwear, often spicing up basics with subtle textures.

Peony uses Econyl for their printed fabrics, a 100% regenerated nylon. They develop sustainable fabrications in-house, like their custom textured fabrics made from 92% recycled content. Their swimwear linings are also made from recycled and sustainable content.

Due to trade regulations, they are required to ship all garments in bags, but they have reduced their single use plastic consumption by 86%. By using compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout their entire supply chain, Peony saves thousands of single-use bags from entering the environment annually. Their natural cornstarch bags break down quickly and can be placed in your compost bin. 

Peony has a goal to be completely sustainably produced by 2020, and to be fully immersed in the circular economy by 2022.

Peony’s swimwear supplier has a certification that ensures ethical and fair labor practices.

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Jeux De Vagues

Accountability Rating | ★★★

Ethics | Uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl), give backs, ethical & traceable labor, locally made, biodegradable hangtags

Product Range | Women’s swimwear

Based In | California, USA

Jeux De Vagues believes that “quality is the sum of choices you make”. Their uniquely cut and boldly printed swimwear is made from fabrics made with Econyl, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber. Their printed fabrics are made from recycled water bottles.

Jeux De Vagues has a fair labor factory in Los Angeles where bikinis are made. They use dissolvable, fully biodegradable hangtags.

As a member of 1% For The Planet, they are committed to giving back to the environment.

There is not much transparent information provided by their website on materials, manufacturing practices, sustainability, shipping & packaging, or sourcing materials.

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Accountability Rating | ★★★★

Ethics | Transparency, compostable packaging, carbon offsets, sustainable manufacturing, community economic empowerment, uses sustainable & deadstock fabrics, environmentally sustainable facility, give backs, ethical & sustainable labor, recycled packaging and shipping materials, non-toxic materials

Product Range | Women’s swimwear & beach bags, apparel, shoes, & accessories

Based In | California, USA

Reformation’s design mission is to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure by sourcing beautiful and sustainable fabrics (deadstock, textiles made from renewable plant materials, and recycled or regenerated fabrics like Ecoynyl). They put sustainability at the core of everything they do. From investing in green building infrastructure to minimizing waste, water, and energy footprints. They provide on-the-job training and opportunities for growth to their employees.

With an extensive swimwear line that includes one-pieces, high rise bikini bottoms, fun prints, and more, this ethical fashion brand is the place to shop for all of your summer essentials.

Reformation reduces waste by using recycled paper hangers, reusable totes, plastic-free packaging made from 100% recycled paper products and compostable bio-based films. Clothes come in a 100% compostable & non-toxic vegetable bag.

Reformation’s certified dyeing facilities only use safe input chemicals, monitor their air and water emissions and ensure worker safety so that the dyed fabric is safe for the end user, workers and the environment.

They source electricity offsets from 100% wind power suppliers and use LED lighting and Energy Star-rated appliances in our offices. Over 65% of their cutting and sewing is done in Los Angeles and they manufacture the majority of products in their own factory.

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Indigo And Salt

Accountability Rating | ★★

Ethics | Transparency, uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl & Reprieve), give backs, palm oil & since-use plastic free, small batch, female empowerment, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, sustainable packaging, carbon offsets

Product Range | Women’s swimwear, rash guards, wetsuits, surf accessories, snowboards

Based In | Australia

Indigo and Salt is an all women’s sustainable online surf store for all women around the globe to find beauty, sustainability and performance. What you shop in their store is either sustainable, ethical, slow fashion or mostly all of the above.

“As surfers and ocean lovers, we long for the pristine wilderness of the ocean, yet most are unknowingly poisoning it every time we enter it. The surf industry has such a huge petrochemical footprint. From surfwear to wetsuits… Sunscreens to legropes and waxes. Every single mainstream item created for surfing has been created from petrochemicals.”

Indigo and Salt believes in quality over quantity so they buy small batches guaranteeing a limited edition piece. Every purchase supports a small business that makes every effort to create change by pushing limits, ethics and providing alternative products to their customers.

Their marketplace is single-use plastic free. Orders arrive free from any single-use plastic and they don’t use plastic carry bags. They encourage suppliers to use either no plastic, alternatives to plastic and/or ensure that any plastic used in their packaging is recycled. They highlight gear made from recycled nylon. Most notably brands (and small designers) using quality regenerated fibres made by Econyl and Reprieve

Indigo and Salt only stocks surf waxes, sunscreens and beauty products that are 100% palm oil, petrochemical, and toxin free.

For every order purchased they donate one Aussie dollar to one of their five charity partners, that you choose.

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Accountability Rating | ★★★★

Ethics | Transparency, environmental preservation, B Corp, organic cotton, hemp, upcycled & recycled materials, Fair Trade Certified collections, Bluesign approved, community education & empowerment, give backs, responsibly sourced & traceable materials, trade-in & repair programs, Recrafted line

Product Range | Women’s & men’s swimwear, non-neoprene wetsuits, cover-ups, & performance outdoor apparel

Based In | California, USA

Patagonia was one of the earliest defenders of environmental ethics in the activewear fashion industry, and one of the first adopters of using recycled materials and switching to a non-neoprene wetsuit technology called Yulex.

“In our research on how conventional wetsuits were made, we found that neoprene, due to its complex and highly energy-intensive manufacturing process, was the most environmentally damaging component of a suit.

We partnered with a company called Yulex to develop a renewable, plant-based replacement for neoprene. Originally avoiding hevea—the world’s main source of natural rubber—because of its association with deforestation in the developing world, we introduced the first wetsuits made with rubber from the guayule plant.

Our environmental assessments revealed another benefit that was just as encouraging—because the polyisoprene polymer was produced in trees instead of factories, using solar energy instead of generated electricity, up to ~80% less climate-altering CO2 was emitted in the manufacturing process when compared to traditional neoprene”.

For almost 40 years, Patagonia has supported grassroots activists working to find solutions to the environmental crisis. They connect individuals with grantees in order to take action on the most pressing issues facing the world today.

Patagonia pledges at least one percent of sales or 10 percent of pre-tax profits—whichever is more—to environmental groups. They give at the grassroots level to innovative groups overlooked or rejected by other corporate donors and fund activists who take radical and strategic steps to protect habitat, wilderness and biodiversity.

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Accountability Rating | ★★

Ethics | Transparency, eco-friendly fabrics, sustainable supply chain, body positivity, diversity, give backs, female empowerment,

Product Range | Women, men & girl’s swimwear

Based In | New York, USA

Alyned Together is one of the first swimwear companies to be both size inclusiveand sustainable.

They’re a small female team that believes every body should look great and feel great in sustainable swimwear. From size XS to 3X, Alyned Together designs swimwear from 80-90% recycled polyester in a variety of styles complementary to all body types.

They are in the process of developing more sustainable material alternatives.

As a member of 1% For The Planet, they are committed to giving back to the environment.

There is not much transparent information provided by their website on materials, manufacturing practices, sustainability, shipping & packaging, or sourcing materials.

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CoCo Jane

Accountability Rating | ★★

Ethics | Uses sustainable & recycled materials (Econyl)

Product Range | Women’s swimwear

Based In | Australia

Coco Jane designs timeless swimwear made from sustainable fabric made of Econyl. Their Vita line is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable: a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. Thanks to Econyl’s innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than other fabrics.

There is not much transparent information provided by their website on materials, manufacturing practices, sustainability, shipping & packaging, sourcing materials, or labor.

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Kassia Surf

Accountability Rating | ★

Ethics | Small scale, female empowerment, wetsuit recycling program

Product Range | Women’s wetsuits, rash guards, swimwear & surf accessories

Based In | California, USA

Kassia Surf creates exciting, well-fitting, multi-colored wetsuits and rash guards designed for women by women. They incorporate sustainably mined, natural limestone neoprene which is an eco-friendly option to traditional, petroleum-based neoprene. Limestone based neoprene has ultra low resistance, superior mold ability and enhanced comfort, high heat retention, is lightweight and durable.

They have a wetsuit recycling program to keep wetsuits out of landfills by up-cycling them and turning them into useful products like yoga mats.

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la bamba nyc

Accountability Rating | ★★

Ethics | Independently owned, smalls runs, made by hand, repurposed/recycled materials, compostable packaging, transparency, and made with intention

Product Range | Women’s wetsuits, rash guards, swimwear & surf accessories

Based In | NYC, USA

La Bamba NYC is an independently owned women’s wetsuit brand. Made with intention, La Bamba wetsuits are elegant, yet are also built for the diverse female body, without neglecting factors of high performance and functionality. Their plastic free wetsuits are made from eco-friendly limestone and are made from two separates. La Bamba NYC is for the women who question things, break some rules, and desire a beautiful wetsuit that lasts.

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