The Life and Struggles 
of a Surfing Pioneer

We are happy to announce we will be hosting Vicky Durand, 
author of  Wave Woman at our studio in Costa Mesa on July 28th. 


“Wave Woman is a heartfelt tale about an inspiring surf pioneer. Betty Heldreich approached her life as a grand adventure, and Wave Woman captures her trailblazing triumphs and struggles.”

—David Davis, author of Waterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit the mold? 
Yeah, us too. 

So has our friend, Vicky —and her fearless
mother Betty.

Betty grew up in a time when women were supposed to be nice, get married, have kids…you know…

Well, Betty was a little different. She was independent and full of life.
She had a thousand lives, and was a sculpture, a jeweller, a builder, a fisher woman, a potter, a poet, and a surfer.

Vicky, her daughter wrote a book about it.

She stood on a surfboard for the first time at 41, and the rest is history. 

They called her fearless and tireless. We call her BADASS and INSPIRING.

There are few women that 
paved the way for us female surfers, and Betty was one of them. 
We read the book and we’re still speechless. So we went and met Vicky last week in Hawaii.

After meeting her and knowing her mother’s story as well as her own, 
we knew you had to meet her too. 

Because we’ve never paddled harder, or surfed faster,
since meeting her and we hope you do too.


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